• Specurates a way of utilizing AI based-image

    KEEVIR presents a new project based on the concept of
    "unStable". KEEVIR welcomes the emergence of AI and sees it as a creative extension for human beings .
    For this project, AI-based image generation was applied to the concept itself, look photos, and styling ideas.

  • Collabration with teshnakamura

    A Java program, which teshnakamura coded, draws Asias (somethings self-organizing) all day automatically with random parameters, it takes around 10 mins for an Asia; about 140 Asias a day. Some look pretty cool while others are boring. He chooses "Asia of the day" in those 140 and post it onto media everyday.

  • NTV

    Collaborating with one of the biggest Japanese TV station “Nippon TV” with concept “Mutant.” Model recruited from the firm and shooted on their site.

  • NCA

    Explores the balance of the sophisticated firms, Nippon Cargo Airlines. Boeing 747 - 8F is one of the largest artificial objects that human made.

  • Black Pizza Books

    Motion graphic is one of our core interests and the way to communicate with others.

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